Welcome to Pack 559!

This site contains scouting information for Woodbury Cub Scout Pack 559.  We provide family-friendly fun and learning activities for boys and girls from kindergarten through 5th grade.  Full site access to the calendar, roster, and other areas will be set up during your parent orientation or first meeting.  In the meantime, the following links should help you learn more about scouting and how to get involved.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to reistadj@outlook.com

 We are interested in joining Cub Scout!

Excellent! The first step is to register with our pack. This site will collect the necessary information to get the adventure started.

If you are looking for more information, please join us at the following event.

  • We will be having a rocket launch Saturday, 10am on 9/18 to discuss the year, the events, and answer any questions you may have. 

Welcome to Cub Scouting!

This video answers the top five questions new parents had about Cub Scouting when they first joined.

The scouting.org website contains some excellent beginning information about what scouting is and what you can expect from the experience.

The pack uniform for 1st grade and above is a Blue Scout Shirt with a Council Patch and Unit Numbers for Pack 559.  This can be obtained from the Scout Shop where the staff will be happy to assist you.  The closest Scout Shop is located at: 6202 Bloomington Road, Fort Snelling, MN.  A scout book, neckerchief, and advancement patches will be included with your dues and do not need to be purchased.

Thank you for your interest in scouting!  It is a fantastic opportunity to bring families closer together.  We hope to see you soon!

Login Information

If you or your child are members of the pack and have not yet received website access, please send an email to woodburypack559@gmail.com with the Child's Name and Grade as well as the Adult's Name, Phone Number, and Email Address.

Updates for the week of November 22nd

Posted on Nov 17 2021 - 7:50pm

Events for this week

  • There are no planned events for this week.

Adjustments to December

  • We will adjusting the calendar for December to include our visit to the Woodbury Public Safety building on December 6th. 

Thank you

  • Last night was a lot of fun! Hope the scouts liked throwing the pies. 
  • A special thanks to Anna for running the games, Erin for all the help with the awards and posters, Jeff for providing the pies and supplies. 
  • Also, thank you to all the parents that provided all the support to your scouts during the storefront and wagon sales. We really appreciate everything. 

Updates for the week of November 15th

Posted on Nov 11 2021 - 6:39am

Pack Meeting

  • We will be having our monthly pack meeting November 16th @ 6:30 at Lake Middle School. 
  • We will have a couple games, discuss the popcorn prizes and winners, and throw some pies!
  • Pinewood Derby cars will be provided at the end. 

Polar Cubs

Popcorn Final Totals

  • Our final total for sales was $11,875 in sales. I am proud of all the work everyone put in!

Popcorn Updates (Week 5)

Posted on Oct 27 2021 - 9:08pm

We have hit our goal! Our scouts have sold $10,430 in popcorn! 

  • If you have inventory that you will not be selling, please contact Ryan to start the return process. We can use the remaining inventory for our storefronts. 
  • Sales will conclude on Monday, November 1st. 

The scouts should be proud!

Updates for the week of November 1st

Posted on Oct 27 2021 - 9:07pm

Den Meetings

  • Lions, Tigers, Wolves, and Bears will be meeting November 2nd @ 6:30 at Lake Middle School. Please bring your mask!


Updates for the week of October 25th

Posted on Oct 20 2021 - 11:15pm

It was really great to see everyone attend the Bobcat Ceremony at Woodbury Lutheran Athletic Field. Congrats to all the new Bobcats! There are no meetings planned for this week. To help with communications, I will be updating the calendar if any den meetings are scheduled outside of our regular Tuesday meeting. 

Popcorn Updates (Week 4)

Posted on Oct 20 2021 - 11:09pm

Week Four has been completed and we keep inching closer to our goals!

  • Scouts have sold $9,200 in popcorn so far this year! We are so close to our goal of $10,000!
  • If you have inventory that you will not be selling, please contact Ryan to start the return process. We can use the remaining inventory for our storefronts. 
  • Sales will conclude on Monday, November 1st. 

Thanks again and great work!